New Talent A Key To Future Success

Sportspeople Recruitment is well established as the leading recruiter across the sport, leisure, fitness, events, coaching and aquatic sector in Australia and New Zealand. When you take a look at our client list you’ll see it’s the breadth of experience that really stands us apart from other recruitment agencies operating in the sector. And for […]

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He’s gay – does it matter? Equality in the recruitment process

The amount of editorial given to Jason Collins, the NBA player who recently announced he was gay, demonstrates to me at least not how far we have come in accepting an individual’s sexuality, but how far we really have to go in this regard. In Australia Ian Roberts (Rugby League), Matthew Mitcham (Diving) and Daniel […]

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Thinking about moving to Australia or New Zealand?

Job seekers often ask Sportspeople for tips on finding work when relocating to Australia or New Zealand. When posting a role with Sportspeople the employer has the option of selecting the “… legally entitled to work in Australia / New Zealand” footnote. This is open for some interpretation as a person with a Work Visa […]

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Recruiting to a timeline

Recruitment delays can be disappointing and costly. We recently heard from a candidate involved in an interview process lamenting the lack of response following a recent interview. They had applied for a job, been selected and attended a shortlist interview, provided their referee details and then… silence. After three weeks of following up with the […]

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CEO of the Household

Over the Christmas – New Year break my wife and I had the opportunity to spend two wonderful weeks with our children and grandchildren. Included in this cohort was our daughter, her husband and four young children (newborn, 14 month old twins and 3 year old). A fun time was had by all (I have […]

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We all want to be liked.

Wanting to be liked is a basic human trait and conversely, we usually don’t enjoy the experience of rejection. At Sportspeople Recruitment we understand the emotional investment every candidate makes when they decide to apply for a role and how important the job will be to their future. That’s why we spend a lot of […]

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Awareness of inequality is not enough.

So, there I was reading Helen Razer’s piece, “Species of Stupidity” in the latest copy of The Big Issue (No 470 24 Oct-6 Nov, 2014) in which she proposed that in the context of the mental health debate at least, “awareness and talk” alone was “cheap”; when it struck me the premise was equally relevant […]

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Jobs of the Future

Members of the Sportspeople Recruitment team are fortunate to be regular invitees to speak at conferences, seminars and career workshops. One of the common questions, particularly when speaking with an undergraduate group, is our take on the where the jobs will be in the future. That’s a bit of an open ended question so it […]

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A month is a long time in sport.

Many years ago I recall attending a function where The Hon. George Souris was announced as NSW Minister for Finance and Assistant Treasurer. George had been the NSW Minister for Sport and I’d had the pleasure of working very closely with him, his staff and the Premier’s Office over the period where NSW successfully bid, […]

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Where is the sport management voice?

The strength of the Australian sport management talent pool has been widely recognised for many years, with the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games a notable catalyst establishing the profession as world leaders. Over the past 20 years there has also been an exodus of this talent overseas, pursuing coaching, high performance and management roles with national […]

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