So, that was 2020? A year to remember for sure.

And while it may be contrary to the general theme of posts I’m reading on LI, before we set our sights on the year ahead my sense is we should be celebrating all things 2020.

Whatever your circumstances, you’ve made it the end of the year. That’s an achievement in itself. It’s even more impressive when I reflect on the tone of discussions with many CEOs and others working in the sector (particularly over the March-June period) full of anxiety about the future of their sport. How did they respond? By implementing quantum change resulting in leaner, smarter and more mature organisations.

Resilience is a character trait most people add to their CV. All CV’s in 2021 should have a COVID achievement section, outlining what you did, how you did it and the outcome achieved. And, if you’re ever asked by an employer or recruiter… “How do you respond when under pressure?” … you’ll know the answer.

And we cared more for our comrades. That can’t be a bad thing right? Think about how many times you were asked or you asked others, are you OK? Keep it going into 2021.

And in 2021 you can be sure Sportspeople Recruitment will be right here supporting job seekers and employers. Just like we have for the past 25 years.

Happy New Year!

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