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Essential Background Checks

If you use Sportspeople Recruitment for a reference check, you’ll also be able to conduct the following checks:

  • National Police clearance
  • VEVO Visa and Work Entitlement
  • Qualification and Employment History
  • Credit, Financial and Business History

Performance Appraisals – Need to measure staff performance?

Our 360 degree performance appraisals measure employees against factors known to define top performers, and quantify their contribution to the job, their team and the organisation by surveying those around them.

Satisfaction – Engagement Surveys – How happy are your staff?

Diagnose current levels of engagement, identify the factors that drive engagement and obtain an insight into employees’ attitudes and opinions towards their work and work environment.

Salary Benchmarking – Need to know how much a job is worth in today’s market?

Benchmarking is best used when employers are undertaking staff performance appraisals or recruiting new staff. Since 1996 we’ve accumulated valuable data to assist employers understand what needs to be paid to attract or retain talent.

Exit Surveys – Why are your staff leaving?

Understand where and why employee turnover is occurring and what is required to reduce it. Our tailored surveys can uncover any underlying organisational factors that caused staff to leave.

Organisation and High Performance Reviews – Want a ‘world class’ structure?

Our world class team provides Sporting Organisation Reviews and High Performance System Reviews. Our experts can structure a review whether for a local, regional, state, national or international organisation.

Online assessments for your candidates and staff.

Exclusive discount for our clients! Employers can now access the most popular recruitment and development assessments online to use when and how you need them. To take a look at the assessments click here or simply register for FREE by clicking here.

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