Join our Talent Network.

Sportspeople Recruitment is adding to its Job Seeker Talent Network. If you are the absolute best at what you do, for a new job now or possibly some time in the future, please send your CV to   […]

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Job Seeker? We’re here to help you as well.

Like many other organisations, across a multitude of business sectors, the Sportspeople Recruitment team is experiencing a significant shift in business right now. And like so many others, we have decided to meet these challenging times head on. At Sportspeople Recruitment we’ve enjoyed 24 years of business continuity as the first, and market leading, specialist […]

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Plan before applying for a new job.

Spending time thinking about whether the job is the right opportunity for you and whether you are what the employer is looking for are two of the important considerations in a job application process, best done before you hit the send button. Before you start applying for jobs do some planning: Develop a list defining […]

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An Effective Resume: Where Facts Replace A Good Story.

While it is true some 60% of jobs in the sport industry are filled without advertising, the challenge of preparing a resume will be faced by most of us at some stage during our career. While not intending to understate the value of a resume, it is vital to remember a resume won’t necessarily get […]

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The Top Ten Interview Questions.

In our previous instalment, the importance of well-prepared resume was discussed and a few helpful tips in preparing an effective resume were offered. While not intending to understate its value, it is vital to remember a resume won’t necessarily get you the job. An effective resume should aim to get you an interview. Now, let’s […]

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Winning Interview Techniques.

In our previous article in this employment series, the top ten interview questions were outlined along with some useful strategies in preparing for a job interview. C.P.R. of a different nature was suggested – Consolidate your documents; Prepare for the interview by researching the organisation and Rehearse for the interview by practicing commonly asked questions. […]

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The Job Seeker Rejection Cycle.

Wanting to be liked is a basic human trait and conversely, we usually don’t enjoy the experience of rejection. All of us in the People Recruitment Group of companies understand the emotional investment every candidate makes when they decide to apply for a role and how important the job will be to their future. That’s […]

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