Replying to Job Seekers a simple courtesy

I was recently sent a copy of an email a candidate had received after unsuccessfully applying for an executive role with Sport Australia.

While they were not questioning the decision, they were upset by the inability to seek any feedback on why they were unsuccessful. The email stated. …”Please note that due to the number of high quality applications received for this position, we are unable to provide individual feedback on your application.”

To be honest I’d expect a lot better from Sport Australia given they have a “Recruitment Team” & from our experiences at least, it’s not as if every candidate seeks feedback.

I have previously posted my views on those recruiters and employers that choose to advise only shortlisted candidates as to the outcome of their application. How hard is it to acknowledge every application, advise all unsuccessful candidates and provide feedback when requested?

Not very hard at all. And in 2021 it is easier than ever before. Sportspeople Recruitment can & does do it.

So to all those “specialist” recruiters and organisations advertising roles now and in the future, show a little more respect to job seekers. Acknowledge – update – provide meaningful feedback when requested. Simple really.

Robert McMurtrie
People Recruitment Group

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