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I’ve always relied on the facts rather than marketing puff when it comes to what we do at Sportspeople Recruitment. It’s served me well in 26 years of business. That’s why I’m so very pleased the facts show more employers in the Australian/New Zealand sport sector continue to trust Sportspeople Recruitment for their executive & general search than any other agency.

It’s a fact over the past 12 months alone our executive search team filled more CEO roles than the combined total of the 3 other ‘specialist agencies’, a testament to our heritage, results & methodology. And it’s a fact we recruited for more employers than any other. And if we focus in on C-Suite/executive search, it’s also a fact Sportspeople Recruitment continues to top the tables, consistently filling more roles in these senior leadership roles than any other Agency.

I’m often surprised (and a little disappointed to be honest) to hear the strategies used by other Agencies as they pitch against us for new business.

For Sportspeople Recruitment we avoid disparagement of competitors finding it a particularly demeaning strategy. Instead we’ve built our business on stating the facts about what we do, who we assist and the scale and volume of the roles we recruit. We do this with an absolute respect for candidates and employers while also accepting the employer’s ultimate right to choose an Agency partner for the search or recruitment.

There’s a caveat though.

Just as we do the deepest dive into the talent pool to find the best candidates for our employer partners, we have a reasonable expectation an employer will be diligent in researching the credentials of a recruitment Agency, taking care to separate the facts from what may well be just a good story.

I’m sure you’ll get the idea.

And while most of you will know the substantial record of Sportspeople Recruitment over the years, including the thousands of entry to middle level roles, we also have a substantial portfolio of success for top executive level/C-suite appointments behind our reputation.

More recently think CEO Paralympics Australia, CEO Tennis NSW, CEO Swimming Australia, CEO Hockey Australia, CEO Netball Queensland & the Queensland Firebirds , CEO Equestrian Sports New Zealand, CEO Football Victoria, CEO Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs to name just a few.

We understand not every employer is an NRL Club or a highly-funded NSO, and that’s why you’ll see Sportspeople Recruitment assisting employers of all levels for all sorts of roles. Our goal has always been to assist as many employers as possible and in doing so help more candidates find great employment. That has underscored our business these past 26 years.

If you are an employer looking for the most trusted, experienced and results focussed recruitment partner for your next staff appointment, Sportspeople Recruitment is available to assist. And we’re chuffed to be 100% Australian owned and operated!

Robert McMurtrie
Managing Director

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