2022 – that’s done!

This time of the year I’m always asked what the highlight was for the past 12 months. I usually struggle with a response as there always seems to be so much that happened, most of which I probably hadn’t anticipated this time last year. Each month, maybe each week in 2022, came with its own surprises and challenges that it’s difficult to select one, let alone a few, highlights.

On a personal level, spending NYE in COVID isolation was probably a less than auspicious way to start the year; but losing my brother and only a few weeks later, my mother, was a true test of resilience for my family. But I’m a true believer that every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day.

When I ask a candidate in an interview to tell me about a memorable achievement in their life, I hope they reflect on something outside of work to give me a true sense of self in their response. Sure, achieving budget, delivering a strategic plan and other work KPIs are important; but growth following adversity and other personal achievements are a powerful source of information.

2022 marked Sportspeople Recruitment’s 26th year of operations in Australia and our 20th year in New Zealand. We enjoyed one of our best ever trading years, commenced work on our 243rd CEO search, started the year with a record number of roles and we end the year with more roles than ever before.

None of that would be possible without the many people and organisations that make Sportspeople Recruitment what it is today and what it has been since 1996. Our single purpose has always been to bring employers and job seekers together each and every day. In doing so we choose to work with only the best employers, in particular those that respect and value their people and acknowledge the contribution their staff. We also do our absolute best to respect and represent those candidates that place their trust in us to assist their job search.

Thank you to those employers that chose Sportspeople Recruitment to assist your search for staff in 2022. We know there are other recruiters operating in this space, but we’re very pleased you felt we were your first choice. We hope the staff appointed make a lasting and positive contribution to your organisation.

Thank you to the thousands of candidates that have placed their trust in us in 2022. Regrettably, the recruitment process means most of you will have been unsuccessful, nevertheless we hope you have received meaningful feedback if requested and you feel we allowed you to give it your best shot.

To the Sportspeople Recruitment team, Angelique EverettScott Oakhill and Karen Good I am so grateful for what you do and the way you do it. Thank you for a terrific 2022 and I look forward to next year.

And a thanks to Lachlan McMurtrie who started the year with us but has ventured off to launch his own business Find a Recruiter.

Enjoy your well deserved break and please, step away from the desk!

Robert McMurtrie
Sportspeople Recruitment

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