Graduates need hard office skills to prepare them for their first job

In the past and as a representative of the sport sector I have attended the UTS Business School review of its specialist Management programs, including the undergraduate and post-graduate programs. Enhancing employment potential was identified as a key driver in the design and content of all courses, ensuring UTS can continue to develop graduates who can meet […]

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Are Double Degrees Better In This Economic Climate?

With an oversupply of candidates and a relatively small supply of jobs, the sport, fitness and aquatic sector is a tough nut to crack. One of the best tracking sources for graduate destinations and salary trends is found at the Graduate Careers Council of Australia website. The Graduate Careers Council of Australia places sport, fitness […]

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Is the number of applications a valid measure of success?

We are often asked by our clients during our recruitment briefing meetings what are our expectations regarding the likely number of applications for a particular role. The catalyst for this question is the misconception a high number of applications is a measure of a successful recruitment strategy. In our experience and mindful of the recruitment […]

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Is One University Better Than Another?

Sportspeople Recruitment was recently contacted by a job seeker interested in undertaking a University course in sports management. Specifically he was asking whether the University at which he completes the Degree will have any bearing on his job prospects. He went on to ask whether employers look at the Degree conferred and whether they might […]

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Moving from Talk to Action – How Your Business Culture Can Engage and Retain Great Employees

Culture within a sport organisation is not purely a set of boundaries that provide a picture of what is acceptable behaviour for employees and what defines ideal behaviour. It exists as those underlying channels by which organisational values are built from strategy, evolved out of debate and conflict, measured against failure and success and embraced […]

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If Men Are From Mars And Women Are From Venus, Get Set For Gen Y To Rule The Universe

With the first batch of GenY fast approaching their 40th birthday, we are finally starting to see the influence of this generation on the workplace. The most famous GenY of all, Mark Zuckerberg, has already made a significant and lasting impression on the way people connect and share information. GenY have lived through the age […]

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Succession planning – a great idea that is in need of a re-think

There has been a long held myth that unless you are working in a large commercialised sport the opportunities for succession planning are reasonably limited. While smaller resourced organisations certainly operate lean and reasonably flat, in isolation this should not eliminate opportunities for succession planning. However, we need to shift our thinking on succession planning […]

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The Importance of Honest References

Reference checking a candidate’s experiences and credentials is regarded as a fundamental part of any job process. However the success of these checks depends entirely on the propensity of the referee to be honest in their assessment of the candidate and trust the recruiter or employer in keeping their responses confidential. If you have ever […]

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Media fails the public interest test in naming names

I’m always intrigued by the amount of speculation surrounding high level appointments in sport. While I understand the nature of water cooler discussions and the fact casual gossip in the workplace is commonplace; publicly naming candidates has the potential to harm or even ruin careers. And the sad thing is, based on my experiences at […]

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Vale Deirdre Hyland

A long, long time ago when I was just 29 years old, I was appointed as National Executive Director of Netball Australia. In 1985 we didn’t have the lofty title of Chief Executive Officer, but essentially that’s what I did for 3 years and what I regard as one of the most enjoyable and rewarding […]

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