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Anyone watching the jobs come and go through the Sportspeople Jobs Market may have noticed the Sportspeople Recruitment activity at an all-time high with 19 retained recruitment assignments over the past weeks across the full spectrum of community based organisations, state and national peak bodies, government and other industry associations and a far afield as Perth, Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide, regional NSW, Auckland and Cambridge.

Over this period our recruitment team has managed:
• 1,157 candidate applications;
• Referred 152 candidates to our client employers;
• 88 candidates shortlisted for final interviews;
• 44,166 views of our advertisements across the various medium (not including social media) and,
• A combined salaries of $2,951,587 across the roles.

While some of these roles have now reached appointment stage, some are at shortlist referral or early interview and others like Knox Basketball Inc. have just opened for applications. And with the Knox Basketball Inc. CEO role Sportspeople Recruitment has commenced its 193rd CEO search with our 194th Chief Executive (a national sport body) not far from going live to market. While by volume not a large part of our business, in 2018 Sportspeople Recruitment has successfully managed 15 Chief Executive assignments.
Candidates are an extremely important stakeholder in what we do every day and what we have done since first opening our service in 1996. That’s why every candidate is personally advised of the outcome of their application. We know that sounds awfully simple given the technology and resources available in 2018, just as we know this simple courtesy is not extended to candidates by many other recruitment agencies where …. “only shortlisted candidates will be acknowledged”.

That’s part of the reason our recruitment team (Leeanne Grantham in this instance) receive unsolicited emails from candidates like this one … “Your phone call and this email is excellent customer service to me as a candidate. Full marks to you as many recruiters see applicants such as myself and a non-fee generating sub-stakeholder. Thus, your professionalism stands out.” [A.D. 1 November, 2018].

All of us involved with Sportspeople Recruitment consider it a privilege to work with such a talented network of candidates as we assist them achieve their career goals. Bringing these candidates together with great employers remains the foundation of Sportspeople Recruitment. Whether you are an employer or a Job Seeker we hope to have the opportunity to assist you sometime in the future.

Robert McMurtrie
Sportspeople Recruitment
Part of the People Recruitment Group

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