Candidate behaviour under the spotlight.

Candidate behaviour under the spotlight.

All too often we hear stories about employers behaving badly during the recruitment process, including poor timeline management and inadequate communication to candidates. However, disruption to a recruitment processes is not always the employer’s fault particularly when poor candidate behaviour comes into play.

In a recent discussion with an employer they expressed their frustration in a recruitment process they were directly managing where they’d failed to reach an appointment despite making two offers of employment to merit candidates. The first candidate had a change of heart regarding relocation despite extensive checking and qualification throughout the screening and interview process. The second was simply a result of unprofessional behaviour from the candidate, failing to respond to the formal offer, using delaying tactics while negotiating a better offer with his current employer and eventually signing the Employment Agreement and then rescinding the Agreement the next morning (via an email).

These examples serve as a timely reminder to candidates when applying for a job you need to fulfil not only the functional responsibilities but also take into account such things as location, salary, start date, tenure and all those other things that make up the total job bundle.

If you are unsure on any of these you should call the employer/recruiter and obtain a clarification before you apply. If location, for example, is not negotiable then you simply ought not apply as you are wasting both your time and that of the employer/recruiter.

It is easy to apply for jobs today, but that does not mean you should apply if the job is not right for you and if there are elements of the role that are unsuitable to your circumstances. Specialists such as Sportspeople Recruitment get to know habitual applicants, particularly those candidates that apply for virtually every role regardless of whether they are suitably qualified or experienced to do so. These candidates damage their personal brand and set themselves up for failure.

If you are intending to apply for a particular role take the time to study the position overview, check out the employer’s website, consider the key responsibilities and selection criteria and then if you have any questions call the employer/recruiter to seek clarification. A well constructed and thoughtful application, addressing the selection criteria and tailored to suit the specific job will usually resonate with the employer/recruiter.

And if you are fortunate to advance in the selection process, your professional behaviour will be continually assessed along the way and be taken into account in the final decision.

Robert McMurtrie
Sportspeople Recruitment

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