Start to Finish (S2F)

A bespoke, highly targeted, full recruitment service where Sportspeople Recruitment manages all aspects of the recruitment process, through to the appointment and beyond.

This service includes:

  • Finalise a comprehensive Position Overview noting responsibilities and specific conditions of employment.
  • Advertise and market the position vacancy, including a listing at the Sportspeople Jobs Market, SEEK and our affiliates and powered Job Boards.
  •  Using our international talent network, target high quality candidates who fulfil the position duties and match the salary range.
  • Manage the candidate application process, including acknowledging all applicants.
  • Screen and interview the candidate group and recommend a Preliminary Candidate Group (long list) from which the Shortlist Group for interview by the employer is selected.
  • Advise unsuccessful candidates.
  • Arrange, attend and facilitate all interviews.
  • Manage reference checking.
  • Manage psychometric profiling of preferred candidate(s).
  • Manage all candidate communication.
  • Negotiate the offer.
  • Provide a Sportspeople Recruitment Employment Guarantee.

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