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Given our role as the recruiter of choice in Australia and New Zealand, Sportspeople Recruitment is often the first call for employers when the CEO resigns, whatever the reason. While many employers move straight to a recruitment process and provide a handover period with the outgoing CEO, for others the appointment of a caretaker CEO is often the preferred option.

These caretaker roles are typically short term, anywhere from 1 month to 6 months, depending on the needs of the employer and the timing of the recruitment process in place to secure the permanent CEO. Sometimes there is a handover period from the outgoing CEO, although there are occasions where the CEO may leave abruptly following termination or possibly where they take unused leave.

Sportspeople Recruitment has a pool of qualified, experienced and available candidates ready to step in as a caretaker CEO to maintain “business as usual”. Typically these caretakers step into the role and take leadership over the operations and administration of the business and the staff. We now have a solid group of experienced CEOs who can quickly adapt to a new environment, provide this leadership and keep the business running while the search for the permanent CEO is completed.

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