Tips Moving Forward

Sample Interview Protocol Questions

  1. Before we get going into the formal questions of the interview today, in a couple of sentences tell us why you have applied for this role?

  2. We are going to discuss your experiences against the key job requirements later. Mindful we have already read through your resume, I'd like you to provide a summary or snap shot of your education and work experiences to date.

  3. Relevance of Background & Capacity
    The position description identified a number of key responsibilities, which we expect this position to manage. We'd like you to work through these key areas in some detail:
    - Key Responsibility #1
    - Key Responsibility #2
    - Key Responsibility #3
    - Key Responsibility #4
    - Key Responsibility #5
    - Selection Criteria #1
    - Selection Criteria #2
    - Selection Criteria #3
    - Selection Criteria #4
    - Selection Criteria #5

  4. Using a few key words, how would people that you have worked for and with describe your management and leadership style?

  5. What does good (eg. customer service/event management/program development) mean to you?

  6. What sort of feedback or management style would you want from the (Position title of Direct Manager) to ensure you can get on with your job and get the best results for the business?

  7. Candidate Questions Do you have any questions relating to the position you might like to ask the Panel?

  8. Additional Panel Questions Qualify candidate re start date, notice periods, holidays planned in next 12 months, salary expectations.

  9. Using a couple of sentences as a wrap up, tell us why we should appoint you in this position?

Explain process and indicative timelines to candidate.

Close and Thanks.

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